Lycaon, Part Eight, by Garret Schuelke

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Godan bounced from tree to tree. He looked down and saw Lycaon struggling through the brush to keep up with him. He saw the camp ahead. He jumped on a branch, and used it to spring himself into the clearing.

He landed in front of the fire pit. He straightened and stretched himself, hearing Lycaon coming behind him. He jumped onto the porch and prepared himself.

Lycaon emerged. His foot got caught on a branch, making him face plant into the ground.

Godan laughed. “You can smell me from miles away, but you can’t avoid a loose branch that’s right under your nose!”

Lycaon pushed himself up. He growled, picked up a stone that made up the fire pit, and threw it at Godan. Godan jumped onto the gravel walkway. Lycaon ran at him. Godan dodged his slash, kicking him in the stomach. Lycaon slashed Godan’s shoulder. He grabbed Godan, smashed him into the side of the trailer, and threw him into the air.

Godan crashed into the barns aluminum siding. He wobbled to his feet. Lycaon appeared in front of him and attempted to bite his face. Godan ducked as his jaws clamped together. He sprung upward, head butting Lycaon in the chin. He unleashed a fury of punches to Lycaons chest, ending with a kick that sent him skidding across the parking area.

Need a weapon, need a weapon, Godan thought as he busted off the padlock and slid open the barn door. He was met with a red tractor, a rack that held a shovel, rake, hoe, and an ax, along with a bench adorned with tools.

“Okay, now I have too many options,” Godan said.

Lycaon sank his claws into Godans back. Godan jerked way, and stumbled into the rack. Godan growled, and checked Lycaon into the tractor. He threw a punch at him. Lycaon jerked his head away, causing Godan to punch the tractor.

Godan recoiled, holding his hand. Lycaon brought his claw down, slashing him on the side of his head. Godan swung his leg as hard as he could and kicked Lycaon in the hip.

He hobbled away and, when he looked up, noticed a black handle hanging off the edge of the shelf. He grabbed it. It turned out to be a rusted machete.

One of Lycaons arms flew past him, blocking his chance of escape. Godan turned around and stopped Lycaons jaw from coming down on him by jamming the machete sideways into his mouth.

He heard barking coming from outside. Godan turned his head and saw the werewolf he tried to kill earlier with the butt of the shotgun in the parking area, bleeding heavily, and struggling to move.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Godan yelled, pulling the machete out of Lycaons jaws. Lycaon howled as the machete sliced the ends of his mouth. Godan ran out and threw the machete at the werewolf. “Fucking die already!”

The machete lodged itself into the werewolf’s chest. It was dead before it hit the ground.

Godan sank his claws into Lycaon’s chest, lifted him up, and threw him outside. Lycaon rolled next to the dead werewolf. Godan grabbed the ax and was ready to charge at him when he noticed a key in the tractors ignition.

He snickered.

Lycaon tried to get up. He fell, reeling from the in pain his knee and mouth. He heard an engine start, followed by the sound of crunching gravel.

“Can’t you just beat me down like you did last time?” Godan yelled, gunning the tractor at Lycaon. He held the ax over his head.

Lycaon steadied himself. He waited until the tractor was upon him. He leapt to the side, and immediately jumped onto the tractor. He punched Godan in the face. Lycaon took the ax from Godans hand.

“Perhaps I should fight with tools as well.” Lycaon said, plunging the axe into Godan’s shoulder.

Godan screamed. Lycaon, keeping his balance with the ax handle, raised his claw. Godan stomped the brake. Lycaon fell back onto the steering wheel. The tractor jerked forward when Godan released the braking. Lycaon fell off.

Godan jumped off as the tractor clipped a pine tree. Godan jerked and wiggled the ax until it was dislodged. He threw the ax away and rolled into a wooded area that had farming equipment scattered about. He hid behind a dog house. Coughing, sweating, and shaking, Godan kneeled and, closing his eyes, clasped his hands together. He took a deep breath. His body tightened up. He felt the gash in his shoulder, along with the cuts on his face and the scratches covering his body close up.

He relaxed. His eyes widened when he saw Lycaons vanish behind the brush.

“No way,” he muttered, standing up, “you’re not getting away from ME!”
He caught himself against a tree. He took another deep breath and ran into the woods.

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