Lycaon, Part Eleven, by Garret Schuelke

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Godan, a wolf-like, hardboiled superhero from Chicago, returned to his hometown of Alpena, Michigan, to confront Lycaon, a werewolf whose actions had made the news all across the Midwest, and from whom Godan, real name Gareth Manion, believed his powers derived. With the help of of some new friends, including Lycaon’s own daughter, Callisto, Godan was able to bring down the beast and his legion of monsters. Godan may have accomplished his mission, but a new quest has presented itself.

Callisto woke up, but didn’t open her eyes. She couldn’t move her arms and feet. She smelled grease.

She rolled to her left, but was met with a wall. She rolled to her right, and fell to the ground.

“BE CAREFUL THERE!” Godan yelled. She opened her eyes and found herself on the floor, between a coffee table and a couch.

Godan came into view. He pushed the table away, lifted her up, and sat her upright on the couch. Callisto looked down at herself. She was tied up with rope and chain.

“How are you feeling?’” Godan asked, sitting down.

“Dizzy,” Callisto said, trying to move her arms. “Where are we?”

Godan started to untie the ropes and chains. “The camper.” He nodded towards a sign on the wall that said WELCOME TO THE SPICER FAMILY CAMP. “Really hope they don’t mind me raiding their fridge.”

“Where’s my Father?”

“Buried him out near the swamp.” Godan finished untying her. He sniffed the air. His eyes widened. “My eggs are burning!” He leapt up and took the pan off the burner.

“What’s this sticky stuff all over me?” Calliso asked, trying to move her arms.

“Duct tape.” Godan took a plate off the shelf and put his eggs in it. “I used whatever I could find to restrain you.”

Callisto raked at the tape with her claws. She pushed her arms away, and felt the tape began to tear. She kept pushing until the tape tore apart. She stood up and ripped off the rest of it.

“Nice six pack. I’m guessing that your healing factor adapted the Alkaline into your body.” Godan sat down next to her. “My healing factor burned it out of my system.” Godan presented his eggs to her. “Want some?”

Callisto sat back and rubbed her temple. “No. Do you have any water?’

Godan stuffed the eggs in his mouth, and retrieved a bottled water from the refrigerator. He sat down next to Callisto, who was feeling up her new stomach muscles.

“Here you go,” he said, uncapping the bottle and handing it to her. Callisto took a sip. “Now that you’re awake, how about you tell me more about this sister of yours?”

“I’m glad I didn’t wreck your shotgun,” Godan said, adjusting his backpack.

Stephanie finished wiping the barrel and walked Godan to the door. “First you save Alpena, now you’re going to Traverse City. Do you plan on making Northern Michigan entirely werewolf-free?”

“No, I’m just gonna stop her sis before anything drastic happens. If I can ice her father, I can take her out too.”

Stephanie raised her eyebrow. “ ‘Ice’ ?”

“Yeah. Callisto and I talked it over. She’s says that her sister is just like Lycaon. She’s bummed, but she believes, like I do, that it has to be done.”

Stephanie nodded. Godan put his mask on and transformed.

“Thanks for the hospitality. If you’re ever in Chicago, hit up my email.”

“Yeah, and all my other big city dreams will start coming true, right?”

Godan smirked. He ran up and he hugged Stephanie. Stephanie kissed him on the cheek. He hopped off the porch, stretched his legs, and ran down the drive way. He turned onto the road, waved to Stephanie, and sped down it.

Near the first stop sign, Godan spotted Callisto and her clan watching him from the woods. He waved to them as he ran past.

The wolves barked. Callisto watched as Godan disappeared in front of the dust that rose from the dirt road.

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