Lycaon, part two, by Garret Schuelke

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“My brother almost slipped when he tried getting onto this ledge,” Aaron said to Dylan and Stan. “This was in the winter too.”

They got onto the ledge and hugged the wall, sneaking towards the opening underneath the Second Avenue Bridge.

“Must’ve been a bitch to graffiti in the winter,” Stan said.

“Yeah, it took him hours to finish his ‘Slayer’ mural.”

“Hey, look,” Dylan said. “There’s a light coming out of there.”

Aaron peaked around the corner, seeing a man sitting by a fire.

“What’s up?” Stan asked.

“Just some bum,” Aaron said. “Ignore him. There it is!”

Aaron shined a light on the mural. Dylan and Stan took out their phone and took pictures.

“That’s awesome,” Dylan said.

“Agreed!” Gareth yelled. He finished off the Pabst he was drinking. “Did one of you guys create that?”

“Why do you care?” Aaron replied.

“Hey man, just showing some appreciation.” He opened another can and held it up. “Want some?”

“Let’s fuck him up,” Stan whispered.

Gareth heard him. He sighed, put the beer down, and put on his mask.

“Hey man, what’re you doing underneath our bridge?” Aaron yelled as they walked towards Gareth.

At least the burgers will be ready to eat by the time I take care of them, Gareth thought.

Dylan noticed the empty beer cans. “We’ve worked so hard keeping this place clean, and now we have a smelly hobo wrecking it!”

Gareth chugged the rest of his beer. He crushed the can and tossed it over his shoulder. It hit Dylan’s leg.

“Motherfucker! You’re—”
Gareth stood up. His hands started twitching. His fingernails grew into claws. Gareth stomped the ground. Aaron, Dylan, and Stan stepped back.
“Time to party!” Gareth said.


Gareth was in library’s computer lab searching for more stories on the wolf attacks. After finding only the same stories, he responded to an email by Lana, one of his squat mates. As he was describing to her the previous day’s activities, he noticed a group of teenagers crowding around one of the computers.

“Let’s see if LiveLeak still has it up,” the boy at the computer said.

Gareth finished the email and logged off. He walked up to the group and looked over one of the girls shoulder.

“Found it,” the boy said. He clicked on the video titled ‘Werewolf attack in Alpena County’.

The video, shot from a distance and without sound, showed a man, who was microscopic except for his blue flannel shirt, running through a barren corn field from two monstrous figures. One of the figured slashed the man in the back, taking him down. They then pounced on the man.

“Where did this take place?” Gareth asked, pointing at the monitor. The girl in front of him, surprised, stepped to the side. “Go back. Can you tell from the road?”

“I know what road that is,” said one of the other boys in the group. “That’s Herron Road. My Dad and I take that road all the time to get to my Uncle’s farm.”

Gareth nodded and ran off.

“I guess he knows someone who lives out there,” the girl said.

Gareth took out his mask as he was about to go down the stairs.

“SIR!” The librarian at the desk yelled. “ARE YOU LEAVING?”

Gareth ran in place. “Yeah, I got a very important meeting to attend to.”

“Okay, I can sign you out. Your name?”


The librarian marked him off. “Got you. Have a good day—” The librarian looked up and saw that Gareth was gone. “Mr. Manion.”

Gareth tightened his mask as he hit the street. He started to transform. He became more muscular, grew claws, and his hair turned from dark brown to grey.

He remembered where Herron Road was. He ran as fast as he could through town, then sped down M-32.

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