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Jigsaw Puzzle, Part Two, by David Cannella
#Mental health The alarm on her phone went off. It was time for medications. She stood up and let the
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Jigsaw Puzzle, Part One, by David Cannella
#Mental health “I’m just trying to do my jigsaw puzzle before it rains anymore” -The Rolling Stones Her close coworkers
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Dirty Bird, by Meg Sefton
#fairy tale #folk tale #literary Katinka was the most efficient housewife in the village. Before the sun had risen overhead,
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Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge, by Steve Carr
#memoir #realistic Sitting on the edge of his bed, using his middle finger Jed slowly pushed apart one by one
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The Crystal Dragon, Part 9: Qinlings, by Edward King
Some time has passed since our heroes and heroines’ training in Siberia. Out in the world, with Oilberger and Siberia
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Regressed, by John Jones
Who were you in a past life? Perhaps it's best not to know.
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The Naked Runner, by Jim Herod
“We thought maybe you were the naked runner.” That’s the way Tom greeted me that morning two years ago when
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The Passage, by Tom J. Perrin
Terrence brought his bike to a halt right at the start of the passage, and looked anxiously down into the
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Glance and Gesture, by Con Chapman
#Humor The professor was droning on about how to read a painting, how you needed to look at the figures
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The Last Sunset, by Steve Slavin
#new york #realistic 1 Can you remember your favorite sunset? My father had always wanted to see the sun set
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