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Scheherazade : Benign spirit


Benign spirit

Hello! Scheherazade here, legendary queen of Persia. That’s me up there in the banner. In my day, I was a great lover of stories. I collected thousands from the books, poems and people I knew. Then I married a murderous husband who promised to kill me. To stay alive, I told a story every evening, always saving the ending for later to keep my life another night. Now it's your turn—tell a story to stay alive! 🙂

Edward King : Editor

Edward King


Edward King is a graduate of the creative writing program at the University of Colorado and is now working as a teacher in Suzhou, China. He was born in England and moved to Colorado in 2001. He has since become used to and even fond of Colorado’s snow, sudden shifts in weather, and many varieties of Subaru.

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