How To Blow Up Your Engagement Rate With Instagram Reels

Is Instagram stealing most of the audience’s attention? Yes! The regular update and introduction of new features let more people drive into Instagram to enjoy creativity. One of the best features that add popularity on Instagram is the Reels feature. Instagram reels remain a powerful tool to gain profile engagement from millions of audience on Instagram.

Creating reels on your Instagram account provides an opportunity to display your content on the explore page, thus boosting your engagement rate on Instagram. Marketers and creators who have the goal of increasing their awareness can use the Instagram reels feature to gain popularity. Are you ready to use reels on Instagram to achieve a greater engagement rate? Go through the below tips to enhance your Instagram reach.

What Is Instagram Reel?

Instagram reels are short videos that are 15 to 60 seconds long which are similar to Instagram stories. But, featuring your content on reels stays permanent on your profile, unlike stories. Find the reels feature at the bottom of your Instagram screen and tap on that navigation bar to use the feature and shine on the explore page.

Businesses and brands attract their target audiences by creating fun and exciting reels videos. The Instagram algorithm then determines your engaging reels content and features them on the explore page to boost your popularity.

Why To Choose Instagram Reels?

Though the popularity of TikTok continued in 2021 with their short videos, Instagram introduced reels feature for users to create and share endless videos to increase their reach on the platform. Instagram reels enhance audience reach and help them enjoy every content relevant to their interest. Since the reel videos are short and engaging, more audiences are likely to view all of your reels content. So, including  keyword-rich hashtags in your content will maximize the reach of Instagram reels videos and improves your profile visibility on the platform. 

How To Boost Engagement With Instagram Reels?

No matter your goal on Instagram, reels videos remain as a tool to engage your target audiences. If you want to be a successful creator, use the following tips to boost the engagement rate on reels!

Build Huge Followings

A greater audience engagement on Instagram reels builds a strong reach among audiences and lands your video on the explore page. But to reach more audiences, the following count needs to be high to interact with your brand. 

Include the relevant keywords and hashtags on the reels captions to get your videos on the explore page. Moreover, people use keywords and hashtags to search for relevant content. With eye-catching content and relevant hashtags, your reels videos boost the engagement rate with new followers.

Spread Awareness

The intention of users watching Instagram reels would be to watch entertaining and valuable content. So, make your videos unique by adding your brand logo or showing your product with an engaging concept through reels.

Using branding elements on your reels videos becomes a greater strategy to engage your potential audiences and drive traffic to your website. The brand logos, captions, and attractive stickers boost brand awareness by increasing your engagement rate.

Increase Sales

Instagram reels are an engaging feature where most audiences spend time watching those reels videos. So, brands and marketers take this as an opportunity to feature their products on reels and drive more sales. 

Even though Instagram reels are not an eCommerce medium, just give it a try to find how your audience reacts to those videos. If your target audience’s engagement rate is higher, you can probably use this tactic to boost your sales rate.

Add CTA To Reels

Entertaining your audiences is the primary goal of your Instagram account. If you are a business and in need of audiences to utilize your content, provide a call-to-action on the captions of your reels videos.

The CTA button has a greater tendency to drive audiences into your customers. So, engage with your potential customers to build a strong relationship and encourage them to click on the CTA. But providing a great content strategy is essential to engage new audiences and boost your brand reach.


Instagram reels are the latest prominent feature to create a greater engagement rate among your target audiences. Posting attractive and short reels content helps to reach more audiences with an increase in engagement rate. With the tips mentioned above, blow up your brand success with greater audience engagement on the Instagram reels feature.