Lycaon, Part Five, by Garret Schuelke

#lycaon #scifi #werewolf

Gareth saw his blood float in the air. He started gaining speed as he fell towards the ground.

His body tunneled through the soil. He slowed to a stop. Breathing hard, he dug through the dirt, heaving himself forward when he saw sunlight.

He coughed. “Gotta get out of here,” he wheezed, staggering to his feet. He tried to run, but a burning pain shot through him. “Shit!”

Gareth walked through the barren field, looking behind him every few seconds. His foot sunk into a hole, making him slam into the ground.

“Concentrate on going forward,” he said, getting up again and continuing to walk. He heard a voice: “I keep telling them ‘It doesn’t matter how new my phone is, the reception out here still sucks’,” He immediately dropped to the ground.

“Shit!” Stephanie said, losing her friend on the other end. She attempted to text her, but it failed to send. “I should record a video of myself trying to text out here—then they’ll believe me.”

Stephanie heard a crash come from behind her.  Turning around in her hammock, she saw a ragged, bloody, and dirt-covered Gareth trudging out of the tall grass.

“Oh, God!” she yelled, getting out of her hammock. She ran up to him. “Are you okay?”

Gareth pointed towards the forest, his hand shaking. “We…we gotta get out of here…”

Stephanie saw his claws. Her eyes widened.

“HOLY SHIT!” she yelled, backing away. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?”


Stephanie screamed, and ran to her house. She slammed the door and locked it.

Gareth gritted his teeth, running his claws through his hair, “Dumb bitch,” he mumbled. He calmed down, and stopped his arm from shaking. Maybe if I keep running, they’ll ignore her, he thought.

Gareth heard a window open. He looked up and saw Stephanie on the roof, aiming a shotgun at him.

“GET OFF MY PROPERTY!” she yelled.

“HEY, HOLD UP—” Gareth yelled. She pumped the handgrip. He crossed his arms in front of him and ducked his head.

Stephanie fired. Gareth felt his arms, stomach, and legs get hammered. He fell onto his back.

Stephanie was shaking. She lowered the gun, which slipped from her hands onto the roof. She stopped breathing as she watched Gareth turned over and onto his knees.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Stephanie yelled. She tried to grab the shotgun while still looking at Gareth. The side of her hand hit it, sending it sliding down. “NO!”

Stephanie fell. She tried to stop herself by grabbing the tiles. They gave away and she slid.
Gareth dashed forward. He leapt into the air and caught her. The shotgun hit the ground and fired.

“I’m not your enemy!” Gareth said, pulling down his mask and reverting back to his normal form. “I’m trying to save you!

Gareth felt a wave of wooziness and collapsed. Stephanie sat on his stomach, staring at him.

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