Lycaon, Part Nine, by Garret Schuelke

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Callisto’s companion sniffed the steel case she found underneath a rock. Callisto opened it up, revealing two syringes filled with serum.

She heard crunching behind her. The wolf braced itself, growling. Lycaon appeared, holding his head.

“Callisto,” he said, “give me the serum. I can defeat him with it.”

Callisto shook her head and closed the case. Lycaons eyes widened. Callisto stood up, and Lycaon immediately grabbed her by the wrist. Callisto screamed as Lycaon pulled her towards him. He yanked the case from her hand, smashed her in the face with it, and threw her to the ground.

He opened the case and took out one of the syringes. “What Doctor Avon’s injection did to my brothers…” Lycaon punctured his leg, “YES!”

Callisto’s wolf companion attacked Lycaons arm before he could inject it.

“WHAT?! YOU TOO?” he yelled, tearing the wolf off and slamming it into the ground. The needle dislodged from Lycaons leg and rolled underneath some leaves.

Lycaon held the wolf up by the throat. “Where did it go?!”  he yelled, bending down and sweeping the ground with his claws. The wolf struggled as Lycaon tightened his grip. He slammed the wolf down again. “I’m going to crush both your skulls into powder if you destroyed it!”

The wolf howled as its legs started to stretch and become more muscular. Its nose streamed blood as it convulsed. An empty syringe fell to the ground.

Lycaon picked up the rock that the case was hidden under. “You don’t deserve to be in the same rank as your honored brothers.” He raised the rock over his head. “AND YOU NEVER TAKE AWAY WHAT I DESIRE!”

He smashed the rock down on the wolf’s head. It convulsed a few more times, and its body stilled.

The colors began to fade from Callistos vision. She rubbed her face and, when she opened her eyes, saw her father, down on his knees, devouring the wolf. Callisto screamed.

Godan leapt out of the bushes, landing on Lycaons back, sinking his claws into the side of his neck.

“MOVE!” Godan yelled, attempting to rake his claws through Lycaons flesh. Lycaons stood up and roared. He reached behind and plucked Godan off, holding him up in front of him with both arms.

“MINE” Lycaon yelled. He squeezed Godans arms, then stopped. He started breathing heavily. His grip loosened. Godan fell to his knees as Lycaon started to shake. Godan kicked him in the stomach.

Callisto ran up to Godan. “Take it!” she said, thrusting the case into his hands.

“Take what?” Godan asked, opening it. He looked at the remaining syringe. “How is this crap up here?!”

Callisto shook Godans shoulder. Lycaon began to grow. He attempted to get up, but fell back to the ground each time he convulsed. He coughed up blood.

“SHIT!” Godan yelled, running up to Lycaon and kicking him in the face. Lycaon rolled onto his back, convulsing. Godan started to furiously stomp him. Lycaon caught Godans foot and pushed him away.

“Get over to the camp!” Godan said to Callisto. He got to his feet and picked up a log. “We need to think of a new plan!”

Callisto ran. Lycaon got to his feet. Godan felt the log crack as he wound up. Lycaon came at him. Godan swung the log. It smashed to pieces. Lycaon stumbled back.

“Rotted,” Godan mumbled. Lycaon let out a roar. Godan straightened his hand and charged Lycaon. Lycaons claw came down. Godan ducked, leapt at him, and sliced Lycaons eyes.

Lycaon yelped. Godan dashed away, jumping over the wolf’s body.

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