Lycaon, Part Ten, by Garret Schuelke

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Godan and Callisto stopped in the parking area. “How did your Dad get his hands on Alkaline Radicals?” he asked.

“I told you, that woman and man gave it to him!” Callisto said, pushing the case at him.

Godan slapped the case out of Callistos hand. “No way! I injected that shit into myself once before, and I nearly lost it.” He walked over to the werewolf, put his foot in its stomach, and jerked the machete out of its chest. “I’m not gonna become a monster!”

Godan pulled his hood over his head. “When he injects, he freaks his shit. That’s when he’s vulnerable. We’ll go hide in the woods—leave the case here. Once he injects and starts transforming, I’ll zip out and slice his noggin’ off.” Godan wiped the blood off the blade on the werewolf’s fur. “Sound good?”

Callisto nodded. Godan motioned and she followed him. They ran behind a compost pile. “If this doesn’t work, we’ll have to tag team him, all right?” Callisto nodded. “Good. Gangbangers are strong enough on this crap. A monster like him—”

Godan stopped talking when Lycaon came into view. Lycaon walked through the fire pit, kicking the stones out of his way. He tore one of the parking areas posts out of the ground and threw it into the air. Callisto watched the post soared over them and the trees.

Besides being taller and muscular, Godan noticed that his eyes, and with every other injury, had healed. He crouched down and tightened the grip on the machete handle.

Lycaon walked up to the werewolf. He got down on all fours and sniffed it. He then noticed the case. He opened it, took out the syringe, and stood up. He looked around frantically, turning his back to Godan and Callisto.

Godan saw him fumble with the syringe. “Come on, come on,” he mumbled. Lycaon then stood still. He tilted his head back, eyes closed, his mouth open and tongue hanging out.

Godan dashed out. Lycaon opened his eyes. Godan swung the machete when he got underneath Lycaons head. Lycaon flung himself forward.

Godan thrust the machete at Lycaons back. Lycaon spun around and swat the blade out of Godans hand. Godan pulled his hood back. They stared at each other, then Lycaon raised his claw, and swung down. Godan dodged it and saw the syringe sticking out. He leapt on the arm, yanked out the syringe, and tossed it away. Lycaon grabbed Godan by the head and threw him across the gravel.

Godan jumped up and rushed him with a fury of slashes. Lycaon stumbled back. He grabbed Godan by the arms and kicked him in the stomach. Lycaon released Godan, kicked him in the side of the head, and pinned him to the ground.

“You can’t replace your brothers,” he said, lifting Godan by the hand, “but I’ll be satisfied with knowing that your blood will forever stain my teeth!”

He bit down on Godans arm. Godan screamed, Callisto ran into the parking area, picked up a rock, and threw it at Lycaon, The rock flew past his head. Lycaon looked back and growled. Callisto froze. Godan tried to jerk his arm away. Lycaon punched him the face, grabbed his arm, and continued chewing on it.

Lycaons pack appeared from the forest. Lycaon dropped Godan, and defended himself when the wolves began attacking him. Godan rolled away, clutching his arm. One of the wolves broke off and ran to Callisto. It whined, and Callisto shook her head. The wolf took the syringe in its mouth, brought it over to Callisto, and dropped it on the ground. Callisto examined it. The needle had a crack in it, and only a bit of the Alkaline remained.

Godan found the machete. He grabbed the hilt, stabbed it into the ground, and used it to help him get onto his knees. “Just give me a minute!” he yelled at the wolves. Lycaon swatted one of the wolves, who slid over next to Godan. It got back up and went back to attacking. Godan gripped the machete and began to heal his arm.

Callisto shot the rest of the Alkaline into her arm. She immediately went lightheaded. Her heart started beating rapidly.

Lycaon threw the final wolf away. He ran up to Godan and kicked him, sending him flying into
a birdbath.

Callisto felt her muscles tight. Lycaon let out a howl, and leapt into the air. Godan looked up, seeing two, multicolored Lycaons coming at him.

Callisto shocked herself with how fast she ran over to Godan. Lycaon fell on top of her. Callisto elbowed him in face and rolled him onto his back. She sank her claws into Lycaons neck. Lycaon slashed her face and shoulders. Callisto tightened her grip. Lycaon yelped and stiffened.

“Hold him still” Godan said, standing up.

Callisto started slamming Lycaons head into the ground. Lycaon dug his claws into her back and raked them through her skin. She let out of growl and sunk her claws in deeper. Godan hopped onto the roof of the nearby shed.

“Dia would never have done this to me,” Lycaon said. Callisto jerked her claw out of his throat, grabbed the upper part of his jaw, and crushed it. Lycaon let out a loud whine.

“MOVE!” Godan shouted. He jumped into the air. Callisto jerked her other claw out of his throat and rolled away.

Through the sun’s rays, Lycaon saw Godan come closer. He looked closely at Godans face, and, for the first time, he saw Godan’s eyes.

“Neighbor…” Lycaon mumbled “…son.”

Godan swung the blade down. He sliced through Lycaon’s neck. The machete hit a rock that was buried in the ground, causing it to break in half. Lycaons head rolled away. Blood spurted out, splattering Godans boots.

Godan looked over at Callisto. She was shaking violently, whimpering. She let out a howl, her muscles bulging.

“GODDAMMIT!” Godan yelled. He ran up and hit her in the back of the head with the hilt of the broken machete. She fell to the ground, knocked out.

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