Lycaon, Part Three, by Garret Schuelke

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Gareth scoured the field. After not seeing anything obvious, he returned to the area in the video where the man was killed. He got down on all fours and started sniffing around.

He noticed a piece of hair stuck to a rock. He picked it up and, putting it up to his nose, inhaled deeply. He pulled it away, tilted his head up, and sniffed the air.

Gareth dashed across the field. He crossed the road and entered the woods. He stepped into a small clearing, rapidly sniffing. The scent was stronger here. A different scent made him cough violently. It came from a nearby bush. He examined it, and found that it was splattered with blood. Next to it was a tattered piece of flannel.

Gareth closed his eyes, calmed himself, picked up the flannel, and put it up to his nose. Their scent is strongest that way, Gareth thought, looking to his right. He also picked up similar scents. Must be their pack. I’ll hunt them down too.

Gareth followed the scent. He passed through two backyards, and emerged onto Beesaw Road. He stopped when he realized there were two scents in the area were coming from different directions.

Gareth gritted his teeth. “Change of plans. First, I’ll take them out, then the pack.” He sprinted down the road.

The trailer door was open. Gareth didn’t see any signs of a struggle. He picked up a rock and threw it at the screen door. The impact didn’t stir any response from within the trailer. He walked up the stairs and entered.

The living room floor was covered in toys. The trailer was silent, though the scent was intense. Gareth checked every room and closet. My nose isn’t wrong, he thought, walking back to the living room. They’re here.

Gareth stepped on a toy fire truck. “Stupid kids,” he yelled, kicking the toy across the room.

A werewolf burst out of the chest, wrapped its arms around Gareth’s stomach, and sank its jaws into Gareth’s shoulder. Gareth screamed as the werewolf bit down harder. He jumped back, smashing the werewolf into the wall. He did it again. Again. The wall gave out with a rumble and they fell through it. Gareth head butted the werewolf, releasing him from its grip.

Gareth stumbled away. The werewolf pounced towards him. He dodged, and hammer-fisted it onto the toys.

“Clever attack,” Gareth said, sinking his claws into the werewolf’s back and lifting it into the air, “but let me show you how a real wolf fights!”

Gareth threw the werewolf outside. It skipped across the ground into a fire pit. The second werewolf dashed out of the bushes at him. Gareth jumped over it, and slashed it twice when it turned around. The werewolf dropped, howling. Gareth pounced on it. He cut its throat with a swipe of his claws.

The other werewolf came at him. Gareth dodged, grabbed it by the neck, and used its momentum to smash it into the trailer. The werewolf dropped to the ground. He stomped its skull in.

Gareth looked at the blood that covered the front of his hoodie and jeans. “Well, I avenged that guy, I guess.”

He looked around. There, on the trail leading into the woods, stood a girl. She had long, grey hair and was covered in fur. Her tail waved. They stared at each other. Gareth rubbed his eyes. She was gone when he re-opened them.

Gareth growled, and gave chase.

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