Everything You Need To Know about Paramount Plus

You need to know about ViacomCBS’s new streaming service, Paramount Plus, which launched today. This is ViacomCBS’s new streaming service, which will be interesting because the firm already offers other streaming services. That will also be available on Paramount Plus, like BET+ for some other networks. Everything you need to know about Paramount Plus is here in this article.

Is there such a thing as “Paramount Plus?”

CBS All Access has been renamed Paramount Plus. Even though CBS has had its streaming service for several years, the service hasn’t been very well received. It was reasonably priced and included a few exclusives. However, CBS never wholly adopted the idea.

After acquiring Viacom in 2019, CBS All Access has to be renamed better to reflect the company’s enlarged collection of content. So Paramount Plus is here. Because Paramount Pictures is the studio behind CBS All Access, this moniker was chosen instead of CBS All Access. And it appears to be more popular outside of the United States than Viacom itself.

On March 4, Paramount Plus will go on sale. Several other countries will undoubtedly follow.

‘Paramount is a renowned and historic brand that people worldwide appreciate,’ ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish said. One worldwide streaming brand in the broad-pay market that draws on the enormous breadth and depth of the ViacomCBS library will be established with Paramount Plus.”

What is the price of Paramount Plus?

As with CBS All Access, Paramount Plus will be an extension of the Paramount brand. Ad-supported streaming is priced at $4.99 per month, while ad-free viewing is priced at $9.99.

The yearly subscription to Paramount Plus might also save you a whopping 16%. Depending on the plan, it will cost you $4.17 per month or $8.33 per month.

In addition to removing the advertisements, the Premium tier offers a few other benefits. You may, for example, save your favorite episodes to your computer to view at a later time. You may also watch live coverage of your local CBS affiliate. For some, it may be well worth the additional cost.

The parent company of Paramount Plus, ViacomCBS, has stated that a package that includes Showtime will be available soon. Even still, no specific price has been given. Expect the ad-supported bundle to cost $15 a month, and the ad-free package will cost $20 a month. Keep in mind that a monthly subscription to Showtime costs $10.99.

Is there a way to get Showtime and this?

It was previously stated that Showtime and Paramount+ would be offering a bundle, and as of September 20, 2021, that bundle has been made accessible to customers.

You can get it for $9.99 per month for Paramount+ Essentials with Showtime or $12.99 per month for Paramount+ Premium Ad-Free Plan with Showtime at ViacomCBS’s introductory pricing. In 2021, these prices will return to their standard $13.99 and $18.99 rates.

When will it be released, and where can I get it?

Paramount Plus debuted in the United States and portions of Latin America on March 4.

On March 4, Canada’s CBS All Access was rebranded Paramount Plus. However, Paramount Plus’ additional content offering will not be available until later in 2021.

On March 25, Nordic residents will be able to subscribe to Paramount Plus. As for Australia, it won’t arrive until the middle to late stages of 2021. There is currently no set a date for the release of the game. No word yet on when or if Paramount Plus will be available in other countries.

On June 22, Paramount+ will be available in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Customers of Sky Cinema will not have to pay extra for this perk. The introduction of Paramount+ will be delayed in other nations until later this year.

What’s going on with CBS All Access these days?

After the rebranding, CBS All Access will be discontinued. However, it may remain available for a limited period. However, it will act as a tool for directing viewers to Paramount Plus’s website.

To get started with Paramount Plus, you’ll need a computer, smartphone, smart TV, or another device with an internet connection and the Paramount Plus app downloaded. For Paramount Plus, you will be able to log in using your CBS All Access credentials. For now, the main uncertainty is whether or not your watch collection will be transferred to Paramount Plus. And it’s likely to happen. You are conveniently moving to Paramount Plus from CBS All Access.

There is a good chance that the transition between CBS All Access and Paramount Plus will be comparable. This is very much the usual Paramount Plus experience, with the addition of the complete ViacomCBS catalog. In other words, you’ll receive a lot more value for your money. Who am I to refuse such an offer? As a result, don’t forget to sign up for CBS All Access when you do. As fantastic as CBS All Access was, it’s safe to say that Paramount Plus will be even better.

Types Of Content Available in Paramount Plus

There will be a ton of stuff on Paramount Plus. A substantial quantity of content from ViacomCBS may be made available on Paramount Plus. There is a wide range of programming from Paramount Pictures to Comedy Central to BET to Nickelodeon and MTV. Due to ViacomCBS’ ownership of Showtime, it will not be accessible on Paramount Plus, which has its streaming service (which costs $11.99 per month).