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"It's Amanda Styles calling from accounting."  "Yes?" I replied reluctantly. "I'd like to talk to you about some inconsistencies that
Jim didn't want to go to jail.  This much I knew. He'd told me about the night back in college
A story is meant to be written on a typewriter with a glass of whiskey standing at the ready. Preferably
Well, now you have her here.  The movie is over and you asked what she wanted to do next and
You may have noticed if you visited the site the past week that there was an error along the lines
They arrived in Kangding. A great river ran through the center of the town. Green mountains rose above the river
Jesse lived in suburbia, in a town with confused values. Like many girls in her town, she was sheltered in
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Tuesday, August 13th 1929 Variegated stains fanned from a corner pipe on the kitchen ceiling. At
Maccan ran a hand over his perfectly smoothed hair before he set off down the hallway again. Jake didn't follow
“Mom, what have you done?” Ellie whispered testily. “I don’t know, honey,” her mother answered, her voice laden with fear

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