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A Girl You Couldn’t Hurt, by Con Chapman
#literary It was probably Dean who was responsible for him being where he was right now, he thought as he
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The Crystal Dragon, KTV: part 3, by Edward King
#adventure #crystal dragon “Alex!” Hammer called. “Emily!” said Emily. “Hammer?” “Emily?” said Hammer. “I go by Emily now,” said Emily.
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1946, by DC Diamondopolous
Snowflakes blew sideways down Main Street in Richmond, Virginia. It was Valentine’s Day. Newlyweds, James and Betty Smith cuddled inside
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The Crystal Dragon: KTV, part 2, by Edward King
#adventure #crystal dragon Hammer and Laser walked up the stairs into the purple light. The sign above the door read
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What’s Your 20? by Mary Ellen Gambutti
#creative nonfiction #literary On a hot June day, out in the fresh hardwood and hemlock shaded forest roads, our bus-full
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The Crystal Dragon: KTV, part 1
#adventure #crystal dragon New to The Crystal Dragon? Catch up here! Fen Yi watched the dirt run off the potatoes.
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New feature: improved author pages
Hi there! Have you ever wanted to share all your stories on Well now you can, with our improved
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The Playground, by Scáth Beorh
#literary ‘I know where a weird playground is, Scooter.’ My little sister Patsy gave me that look of wisdom that
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Lycaon, by Garret Schuelke
#action #horror #lycaon #superhero #werewolf Banner knew that he should have never got a can opener from Goodwill. Even if
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Fireworks, by Edward King
#america #fireworks #literary Robinson sat over his cup of coffee. His eyes moved in time to the jazz playing over
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