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The Crystal Dragon: Kangding, by Edward King
#crystal dragon They arrived in Kangding. A great river ran through the center of the town. Green mountains rose above
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Without Music, by Mary Ellen Gambutti
Jesse lived in suburbia, in a town with confused values. Like many girls in her town, she was sheltered in
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The Melody Diner on Broadway, Part 1, by Romana Guillotte
#london #melody-diner Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Tuesday, August 13th 1929 Variegated stains fanned from a corner pipe on the kitchen
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A Tale of Blood and Roses, Part 3, by Keira Heckman
#blood and roses #fantasy Maccan ran a hand over his perfectly smoothed hair before he set off down the hallway
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The Genesis of Steve, by P.J. Sambeaux
#Humor #literary #scifi “Mom, what have you done?” Ellie whispered testily. “I don’t know, honey,” her mother answered, her voice
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A Tale of Blood and Roses, Part 2, by Keira Heckman
#blood and roses #fantasy #scifi The official job title that Jake Lachlan held was “Project Manager.” It said so on
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Rochford, by Steve Carr
#literary Like the sound of breaking glass, the bell above the door tinkled noisily as Mrs. Wadsworth stepped through the
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The Crystal Dragon: Train to Kangding
#crystal dragon There are many thieves in the train but I am not a thief. There are always many trains
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A Tale of Blood and Roses, Part 1, by Keira Heckman
#blood and roses #fantasy There was something about the forest that had always felt comforting to Rosalind. Maybe it was
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HIRAETH, by Kerri Caldwell
#literary #Mental health 8 years I’ve been in therapy. 7 years is how long H has been my therapist. 6
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